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Due to terms and conditions of Paypal we have lost our accounts several times by having it on our adult related website. We are a few months behind server payments due to losing money in paypal and not getting many donations.

We are accepting donations through this website and we will manually add your donation to the system on PA if you give us your username in the notes box.   There may be a week delay due to so many things to do.

To verify that this website is genuine I have put the link in my profile on

If the forum has been a good service to you, either saving you money or improving your holiday experience and you would like to help with server costs and to expand and improve the forum, please feel free to donate.  Lots of people say we should get enough money from advertising but less and less businesses support us due to the odd criticism which we cannot remove.  Lots of businesses enjoy the amount of customers they get but give nothing back to help the forum grow or get maintained.

How is the money used?

Guilty business owners click here please 🙂

If you would like to donate a different currency or amount, please send via paypal to

Dont have a paypal account? you can still use your debit or credit card. 




1000 Baht

2000 Baht

3000 Baht

4000 Baht

5000 Baht (1 year membership for Power User)

15,000 Baht  (Life membership for Power User)

33,000 Baht  (this pays for our 2 servers for one month)


A big thanks to those that have donated in the past, present and future,  we aren’t the biggest forum for no reason! Our secret to success is forum members supporting us and we get more traffic/members/exposure.

Supporting PA